Richard Nicholson

Postage Stamps

Waverton Post Office has Closed

I have used the illustration of some old British stamps to remind you of when we had a Post Office we could be proud of. I am quite happy with the delivery of the Royal Mail by our friendly postmen but I am far from happy with the continual dismembering of local services by the closure of rural post offices. I can remember being told as I grew up that we had one of the very best postal services in Europe but we now seem to have a Post Office hell bent on ruining the tradition and causing even more air pollution as we all have to drive further and further to send off a parcel. Coupled with a government that thinks it is giving enough support but in fact appears that it does not really care. Rant over but something to think of whilst you are sitting in your car with your parcels waiting at the traffic lights before navigating the abominable hamburger.

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