Richard Nicholson


Wildlife Watch for March 2017

Storm Doris was the cause of some disruption to life in the parish, with storm force winds bringing a number of trees down across lanes, roads, buildings and the canal. Thankfully no one appears to have been hurt and the damage has largely been cleared as I write. Sometimes strange events happen because of extreme weather, and I’ve had a report that a bittern was seen at Christleton Pit during the storm. Sightings of bitterns in Christleton are very unlikely, but not

impossible, with one sighting being made at Hockenhull in the 1970’s. I can’t confirm the recent sighting, but it is possible that a migrating bittern was blown off course and landed at the Pit for a break during its flight. No other sightings have been recorded in the area as far as I know. However the count of eight shoveller ducks at the Pit last month has been increased to twelve, with six males and six females being seen in mid February which is extraordinary.

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