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Cllr. Janet Brown
There is a saying that if you need a job doing, ask a busy person. Janet is that busy person in Christleton. She has lived in the village all her life and from her year as Rose Queen in 1959, she has contributed to village life in so many ways. As well as looking after the needs of her immediate family, she will be found looking after her extended family, friends in the village, any friends in need. As organiser of the Mothers Union she will be leading their activities, she provides superb mince pies at Christmas & hot cross buns at Easter at Church. Janet enters and contributes to this and other shows and often wins. She was founder member of this show in 1992, and searches and finds judges for our competitions. She provides lunches for the Judges and Committee, and organises the teas and cakes for you, our guests. I could also mention that as a Parish Councillor of longstanding Janet is responsible for the Village Green, is the Village Tree Warden, our representative on The Best Kept Village Award, is on the Planning Group, Common Land group, Community Plan Group, organises the Christmas decorations on the Green and in Church, and is a Trustee of the John Sellers Charity. Sometimes we wonder how she finds the time for herself. She richly deserves to be regarded in such high esteem by all who know her. We are delighted that she has agreed to open this years show. It is also poignant that her great uncle Joseph Parsonage was one of the village youths who died in WWI. We remember him and all those who gave their lives for their village & country in the Great War.

Thank you to our sponsors
Thank you to everyone, who has helped contribute to the show in any way, but particularly to the show committee for their efforts over the year. We also wish to thank J & B for their generous sponsorship, which in effect underwrites the show, and enables us in times of success to donate sums to charity. This year we have supported: Hospice of the Good Shepherd with a donation of £200 and Clare House Hospice for Children £100. Thanks are also due to the Pre School and Village Schools for their valued and continued support. Without their colourful contributions the Show wouldnít be so successful. Thank you very much to all who have provided the prizes for our raffle, and to all of you for supporting the 2014 Show.

David Cummings - Chairman

Theme: Commemoration of Heroes

Opened by Cllr. Janet Brown

Welcome to the 2014 Village Show. Thank you for coming to see us again this year. I hope you enjoy looking at the excellent exhibits our competitors have created. We are very grateful to all who enter and take part in the show, as the show can succeed only if we get sufficient entries. We are entirely dependent on the community for exhibits, and itís always nerve racking until the entries start coming in, to see what the show will be like. We once again welcome our independent judges who willingly give their time to the show, travelling from all over Cheshire & North Wales and who give their impartial judgement on the entries. The 2014 Show has the theme Commemoration of Heroes and co-incides with the award of a Heritage Lottery Grant of £9,900 for the Christleton Local History Group, Phil Hirst from Chester University & Christleton High School History Department to undertake a study of the effect of WWI on the Parish of Christleton. A small exhibition about the project can be seen in the small room. I hope you enjoy the show.

David Cummings - Chairman

Village Show Gallery

Cup Winners Gallery

Saturday 28th June