25TH JUNE, 2011

Procession starting from the Christleton village green at 1.00pm

Opening of the Fete by Reverend Malcolm Cowan

Crowing of the Rose Queen by Mrs. Joyce Cowan


Christina Mills
Isabel Barnes
Bethany Mitchell
Phoebe Colligan
Noah Freeman
Rebecca Duffy
Thomas Duffy
Connie Trollope
Lola McCarthy
Charlotte Edwardson
Isabelle Hodgson
Martha Davidson
Sally Smith
Emma Inchley
Toby Holland

Photographs: Copyright Richard Nicholson

Christleton Fête – where does the money raised go?

It goes to local voluntary groups, local charities, and immediate good causes that sometimes suddenly arise; like the Play Area, the Scout Hut, and the Village Community Plan. And it’s not just the Fête money, half of the sum raised from the Fun Run (a few days later) also goes into the pot; with Waverton receiving the other half.

Now to have a mix of those good causes mentioned above – and to include fresh applicants, is a difficult task; generally mulled over at the monthly meeting in the Institute at 8-30 pm on the first Thursday of each month. So, if you feel that your organisation is a worthy cause, and the committee, don’t know about you – please pop along to the informal meetings and present your case. Also, please join us if you’d like to help with the Fête.
The sum donated to each group can also lead to headaches. In a good year, the committee can have between £2K - £2.5K to distribute around the village. Some needs to be kept back to replace/repair essential equipment, to pay for that year’s entertainment and services, to cover some ongoing costs, and to put a little aside in a contingency fund against a rainy day. It would need only one wet-weather-washed-out Fête or a low numbers of visitors on the day, to wipe out the good work of many years.

Here’s a list of distributions in recent years, not exhaustive, but close enough. Any list of names can be possibly tiresome to read, so try singing the list below to the National Anthem. Just extend the necessary words to fit the tune. It makes it more interesting, although the dog thinks I’ve lost my marbles. After 3 now, 1, 2, 3……..

Christleton Primary School, Christleton Brownies - Troops 1 and 2. The Scouts for their done up Hut, the Parish Council but… don’t forget the PTAs of Junior and High School.

(Verse 2) The Community Plan, the Wednesday Group, already said Scout Troop. The Junior Cricket Club, Rainbows and Toddlers should… be happy ‘cos of us, they’ve got their cheques.

(Verse 3) Waverton Wasps got one, you might too if you come.. on a Thursday. Join us if you can, or tell us of your plan. Or turn up on Fête day and spend away.

(No wonder Simon Cowell turned us down).