Christleton Fete - 2013

50 Years of Dr. Who

Note from Don Bailey 6th September, 2013

It was with much pleasure that Christleton Fete Committee recently met to discuss who should receive a donation of the monies collected on Fete Day and how much they should get. It can be a difficult task with so many deserving cases and probably others that the Committee don't yet know about. The target is to donate over £2000 if we've had a good Fete. And by golly we did!

From the Wirral Pipe Band  leading off the enormous crocodile of a procession to the Musaks closing the show; it was non-stop fun and action. What a great theme 50 years of Dr Who was!
The glorious weather, a record number of stalls, and local acts such a the Chester Ukelele Band and the Primary School's own Young Voices, mean that the attendance was one of the highest ever.
So where will the money go this year?  For a detailed list contact . But if you're a Scout, in the local PTA, a Guide, a Brownie, in the Pre-School, a Toddler, a Cricketer, a Footballer, an Institute member, a Rainbow, in the Pit Group, plus any number of other worthy recipients - you'll soon be receiving a cheque. Sums range from £50 to a few hundred, the policy having always been to keep it local and share it out as widely as possible.
If you know of any groups or organisations that you feel are worthy of a donation in 2014 please contact the above email address - and if you'd like to join the Committee please get in touch. You'll get a warm welcome, probably a free beer, and be able to enjoy all the Fun of the Fete.
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