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Jas Storrar

Wing Commander James Eric (Jas) Storrar DFC & Bar. AFC

Lives of People from the Past and David Cummings told us last month all about William Laws from the 17th century. A man that none of us knew but this month he talks about someone who a lot of people including myself will remember. Jas Storrar but to me Mr. Storrar the vet. Many visits to his premises in Duke Street, Chester with cocker spaniels and basset hounds, I had to lie across the basset hound Emma on the table to hold her down when Mr. Storrar was cutting her nails. In those a days a visit would often result in a bill of about £5 or £6. One evening at Stoneydale Emma went totally rigid with copious saliva coming from her mouth. It was about nine at night that Mr. Storrar answered our telephone call and came round to the house. We were in a state of panic but he put our minds at rest saying there was nothing to worry about. Emma suffered from these occasional spasms for the rest of her long life.

Not a pet in sight in David's article which sets out a completely different part of Mr. Storrar's life.

Richard Nicholson
Christleton Pit

New Booklet

You might pass it every morning going to work or you might walk the dog down there for an interesting stroll. A place to relax and enjoy the wildlife. Christleton is greatly favoured with the Pit. But do you know how it came to be there and why it always looks so cared for. A new booklet The Story of Christleton Pit by David Cummings is now available.

Richard Nicholson

11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month

Christletob Remembrance Day 2018

Eleven o'clock on the 11th November was rather different this year. A poignant reminder of the passing of time as it was one hundred years since the guns fell silent ending World War 1. The most horrible of wars when many young men from Christleton were injured or lost their lives. Their names were read out followed by those who died in service to their country during World War II. A two minute silence was held so we could reflect upon their suffering and how much they gave for us. The December edition of The History File by David Cummings recalls our remembrance on that day at Christleton War Memorial and in St. James Church. Illustrated by some 70 photographs including the knitting and needlework by Material Girls. In addition David gives an account of the special evening of Commemoration on 10th November at Christleton High School. I was lucky enough to have a ticket for this event and was moved by the drama students performance. I also enjoyed joining in with the rendition of WWI songs. They just do not write them like that any more.

Richard Nicholson
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