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Welcome to the Christleton Blog. This is the best place to check what is happening as I tend to mention here any new items or features to the website as and when they happen and give a link to where you will find them. But I would encourage you to click around the site and explore. You are currently in the main part and you will find links to two other main sections. The Christleton War Voices which has an immense amount of information about Christleton in World War I. The other is Christleton 3 which is rich in photographs and includes two regular monthly features. Wildlife Watch and The History File. Enjoy.


All a question of speed

I have for quite a long time wanted to redesign the first and oldest part of the Christleton website. What stopped me was the speed of uploading the new components to the server. I just think it would have been impossible. But in late summer this year I upgraded to fibe optic broadband, Up until this time I had been quite satisfied with the download speed but the upload speed of .8 Mbps left a lot to be desired. With fibre optic I am getting a speed more than ten times as fast at 9.21 Mbps. It has made an amazing difference to building a website. So much so that I have been able to tackle a simplified redesign.

Still some small areas to sort out but you should be able to find your way around quicker. You will find a feature that I first introduced in Christleton 4. In the top left hand corner of some pages you will see a cross within a circle. Clicking this will give you a dropdown menu with links pertinent to the page you are currently viewing.


You can stop buying from Amazon

Unfortunately I seem to have broken one of Amazon's rules by asking you to support the Christleton Website. The effect is that they have cancelled my account. As payments run a few months behind purchases I will not be getting any commission for your Christmas purchases which I thanked you for recently. C'est la vie.

Old Milk Cart

Christleton in the Past

Starting in the new Christleton 4 section of the webiste David Cummings will contribute each month photographic files from the Village Archives about a particular aspect of Village Life. January features "Horses" with photographic contributions mainly from Ernest Hall, Reg Morgan and David himself. Ernest Hall's contribution of images of the Littleton Point to Point Races and Romany Families in the Village are particularly fine, and illustrate life in the 1960's and 70's. He was one of the first people in the village to use Kodachrome colour slide film, and as they were rarely viewed they are still in immaculate condition.

Christleton 4 Logo

Christleton 4 Now Online

The Christleton Website starts 2021 with a brand new section - Christleton 4. It would have been nice to have carried on expanding Christleton 3 which covers five years from 2016 to 2020 but problems were starting to arise. No shortage of space on the server but whenever I added new pages which was every month this changed the structure of the website which meant that several thousand files had to be again uploaded. This all takes time and does not always go to plan. So as our most loyal and regular contributor, David Cummings, is ready to enlighten us with his unbelieveable treasure trove of knowledge about our village of Christleton plus his infectious interest in local wildlife in all its forms, Christleton 4 All Seasons, is born.

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