Welcome to the Christleton Blog. This is the best place to check what is happening as I tend to mention here any new items or features to the website as and when they happen and give a link to where you will find them. But I would encourage you to click around the site and explore. You are currently in the main part and you will find links to two other main sections. The Christleton War Voices which has an immense amount of information about Christleton in World War I. The other is Christleton 3 which is rich in photographs and includes two regular monthly features. Wildlife Watch and The History File. Enjoy.

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Swifts gain attention

Swifts certainly seem to be getting the attention in Christleton this month. The Christleton WI held their May meeting at the Parish Hall on the 9th. The speaker was Roger Nutter from the RSPB who I understand gave an entertaining talk about Swifts. This is now speedily followed up with the May edition of Wildlife Watch by our own David Cummings. It seems as if Christleton is one of the few places in the Chester area where there is still a colony of Swifts. David made his first siting in the village on 3rd May. Read all about it. In case you have not been exploring the Christleton website as much as you should you may have missed a new series of monthly photographs of the village taken by David.

Big Birds and Little Birds

They do not come much bigger than an ostrich but for dazzling breathtaking colours the prize goes to the small birds. The birds from Kruger and Cape Point National Parks in South Africa. In December David Cummings gave us a taste of the animals he saw and photographed on his visit last year. In the first Wildlife Watch for 2019 he gives a view of the amazing birds he recorded from the large Ostrich to the colourful Sunbirds and the Penguins basking on a hot beach.

Wildlife Watch ventures quite a distance

Lion in the Kruger National Park

Each month this year I hope you have taken the short trip, just one click away, to the Wildlife Watch 2018 pages. In his final article for this year David Cummings has gone beyond Christleton and environs by some 13510 kilometres. That is 8171 miles to many of us. You will arrive at the Kruger National Park in South Africa which David and his wife Beryl visited a few months ago. I am sure you will enjoy reading about their adventures and viewing the 30 accompaning photographs.

Richard Nicholson
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