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Welcome to the Christleton Blog. This is the best place to check what is happening as I tend to mention here any new items or features to the website as and when they happen and give a link to where you will find them. But I would encourage you to click around the site and explore. You are currently in the main part and you will find links to two other main sections. The Christleton War Voices which has an immense amount of information about Christleton in World War I. The other is Christleton 3 which is rich in photographs and includes two regular monthly features. Wildlife Watch and The History File. Enjoy.


You might be asking the same question

David Cummings in the June issue of Wildlife Watch brings us up to date with the Legion Meadow in the village. But he starts with a question you may have been asking yourself. Where have all the swallows gone? I am wondering if they are all roosting in the village telephone exchange as getting the June matierial online has been exasperating with pathetic internet upload speeds.

Christleton Primary School Site 1971

Cement, Sand and Coarse Aggregate

Education can I think be likened to the building of a house. On a bare patch of land the footings are dug. Assuming you have found a good builder he will dig a deep wide trench and fill it with a strong mix of concrete. From this the bricklayers will start to lay one course at a time. Just like a young child starting their education. With understanding teachers the child will leave one day we hope with enough knowlege to face the world.

I cannot say that I greatly enjoyed my schooldays. Perhaps it was because you would need two hands to count the number of schools I went to. But looking back now I realise it did form a base for me to grow from and seek knowledge of new things. I think that I have probably learnt a lot more since I left school but it is strange the stupid things you can remember from those school days long ago wereas you have difficulty in remembering the name of someone you met last week. I can remember in chemistry learning an alphabebital list of valencies which started with Aliminium having a value of 3. This is something I have never had to know about in later life and trusting my luck it would not be a question if I ever appeared in an episode ot The Chase.

This month sees the fifth article for Christleton in the Past by David Cummings. The subject is Education and as it is numbered 1 it looks as if David will be returning to the subject again the future.

Pink footed Geese

A Lot of Geese

The sight of great numbers of geese flying over Christleton in the past months has been wonderful. I was interested to read in the May edition of Wildlife Watch by David Cummings that he was told by a warden at the Dee Esturay reserve that an estimated 35,000 Icelandic pink footed geese were roosting on the Dee Marshes each evening. That is a lot of geese.

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