Stained Glass Millennium Window for St James’

There has been a considerable delay in the completion of the window due to the illness of the designer and creator Mr Bill Davies. However, we are delighted to report that the window is now nearing completion. Jan Bowden has recently seen the window and writes:
“Last week, at the invitation of Bill Davies, I went over to see how the window was progressing. Firstly, let me say that the window, in all its diverse parts, is truly beautiful. I was struck immediately by the huge size of each part, and the magnitude of the task overall. Some areas, apart from the final ‘leading’ are totally finished; others, such as the figure of Christ (left till last) are not quite; the detail, the precision, the balance is amazing. The colours already used are bright, clear and luminous; the glass has a shimmering quality. I had a glimpse of all the different processes involved, from the initial drawings (cartoons) and tracings, to the vitally precise cutting of the glass, the shading by use of acid- of each figure, the painting and the firing of each piece of glass, large or minuscule, three times over in the kiln etc. Bill has been working on this totally on his own. It is an amazing and wonderful skill that he has, and I am certain that all will be delighted by this new window when it is finally installed.
Please be patient just a little while longer! There should by now be further photos on the Christleton web-site, and there are still yet more in my camera!”

Jan Bowden.