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May 2000

Margaret Croston

We wish Canon Owen Conway and his wife Pam a happy retirement in North Yorkshire. They had their final Sunday in the Cathedral on 7th May. They came to Chester 9 years ago, moving into 7 Abbey Square. A great deal happened when Owen began his ministry as Canon Precentor and Sacrist. There is the girl’s choir, 3 members on music staff now as well as an organ scholar. The Choir Support Group flourishes and the choirs’ visits abroad have been invaluably helped through Pam’s ministrations. Pam has led the Mothers’ Union Branch. Annual pilgrimages to Walsingham were begun and the healing prayer ministry within the Guild of St. Raphael has continued under Canon Owen’s Chaplaincy. He undertook the Confirmation preparation on behalf of the Chapter. Above all they are thanked for their care in so many private Communions and other visits made. Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals have been taken with sympathy and care. A remaining and endearing picture will be kept of Owen walking his dog, enjoying his pipe or relishing a glass of this or that!

Chester Cathedral in the early 1900's

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