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August 2000

Margaret Croston

It was great fun helping with the Melanesian Brothers, who had two exciting days recently with children in the Cathedral. Four schools took part, including local Cherry Grove, who bravely walked to the Cathedral along the Canal Bank in poring rain.
Workshops in drama, pan pipes, dance and story-telling were greatly enjoyed, and the spectacle of the Brothers dancing in the south transept dressed only in grass skirts was a sight never to be forgotten! Goodbyes were said to the whole team at the 6.30pm service on Sunday 16th July. They brought spontaneity and enthusiasm to the Diocese and those who met them and saw their work will not forget them.
Canon John Roff, formerly of St. George’s Stockport, has joined the Cathedral as the new Precentor and was installed during July. He and his wife Hermione were given an official and warm welcome to Chester and the Cathedral.
The Friends of Chester Cathedral are holding a BARN DANCE in the Refectory on Friday 15th September at 7.30pm. Music by The Crofters. £5 for Friends and £6 for non-Friends. Price includes first drink and refreshments. Tickets available from the Cathedral Shop, tel. Chester 311586.
July 9th was Canon Michael Rees’ and Yoma’s last Sunday, on retirement. They have both given much to the community.
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