Extracts from Christleton Parish Magazine for August 2002

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The Beautiful Churchs of Barcelona
Golden Jubilee Daffodils

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Christleton Tennis Club enters the final third of its summer fixtures in the Chester & District Men’s League with an even record of 4 wins, 2 draws and 4 defeats. After a spell of 4 matches without a win, recent form has improved with a draw at Tarvin followed by wins over both Glan Aber B and Hoole D. Saturday coaching and playing sessions continue at Christleton High School while social tennis is available to members throughout the week at Rowton Hall. If you have been inspired by Wimbledon fortnight to play more tennis, then come down to the High School on Saturdays where you will be made most welcome.
Further details are available from Bill on Chester 332116.

Congratulations to both Eric Clayton and Richard Fitton who celebrate their 80th birthdays during August.

Belated birthday congratulations to Richard Nicholson, the magazine compiler, who celebrated his 60th birthday on 12th July and also to Beryl Cummings whose birthday was in early July.

Councillor Pam Evans (Chairman) presided over the June meeting of the Christleton Parish Council. She referred to the successful Golden Jubilee party that had been held at the Ring O’ Bells on Monday 3rd June. The Council wished to thank all those who had been involved in the organisation of it and those who had attended.

Members of the public addressed the council concerning revised proposals put forward for the junction of the access road to the Royal British Legion site and Little Heath Lane. A letter was read from Mr Gardner. Members of the Council responded. The Vice-Chairman Mr Eric Kenyon emphasised that the Council had been keen to improve pedestrian safety.

The Clerk reported that he had ascertained the responsibility for the inspection of the play areas. It was reported that urgent inspection was required of the Capesthorne Road play area. The Clerk sought approval for an urgent application to the City Council for a possible grant towards the replacement of two sprung items of equipment at the Pit play area for which an estimate had been received. This was agreed.

Councillor Beech reported that the Charity Commission was progressing a decision on the future Trustees of the King George V Playing Fields.

Councillor Crawford referred to current correspondence regarding parking on Birch Heath Lane and in the vicinity of the Church, the proposed traffic calming scheme on Quarry Lane, the effect of traffic calming measures on Birch Heath Lane and Plough Lane and possible future schemes within the parish.

The Clerk reported that he understood the local joint committee for highways and transportation had approved schemes costing a total of £100,000 to deal with flooding at the junction of Quarry Lane and Village Road and in Quarry Lane itself. This was welcomed.

City Council planning approval has been given for an extension to the side of 21 Bridge Drive, a side extension to 33 Brown Heath Road, ground floor rear extension to Bridgelands, Whitchurch Road, extension to Parkfields Farm, Plough Lane, and extension and car port to 1 The Paddock, Little Heath Road, log cabin in garden for a toilet, shower and garden room for Melrose, Whitchurch Road.

Councillor Kenyon reported that specialist advice might be required as to work to ensure the future character of the Pit. Concerning the action that had been taken to improve the ecology of the common land, it was agreed that the new report should be considered and reported to the Council.
Margaret Croston

The Ravens
The birds nesting on the Cathedral tower were very late this year. Almost certainly the adult female was a new bird brought to the territory by the male (presumably the female of the last few years died in the winter). They nested a full month late and laid four eggs, of which three hatched. The three young did not fly until June 5th. The birds are still be seen and heard, often perched on top of the pepper pots on the tower, particularly at the beginning of the day or early evening. The building work going on seems not to have bothered them at all.

Another frequently asked question about the Song School
What will it consist of? There will be two soundproofed practice rooms with viewing galleries, a small office, and toilets and room in the roof space for the storage of all the necessary choir music. There will be an access lift between all floors.

Organ recitals are held every Thursday lunchtime at 1.10 pm. They are free but there is a plate on exit for any donations.

Taken from The Mac Chat
The Christian Aid Newsletter for Merseyside and Cheshire

Dear Friends
Early returns are mixed but Christleton and Mobberley show big increases and in Crosby they have doubled the number of signed GiftAid forms (on the back of the envelope) – amazing! Thank you, once again to all those who work so hard to make Christian Aid Week the most successful charity house-to-house collection in the country. We have heard that Oxfam have decided to cancel their week and the next closest to us raises around £1 million from their house-to-house. We can be justly proud that yet again over 300,000 of us went out from the churches to collect. Together we will raise over £13 million, around 50% of which is the house-to-house. It is believed to be the biggest joint act of Christian witness anywhere in the world and a great opportunity for us to show the local community that the church has a mission to serve others, not just itself.

Just a thought… by Romy Tiongco
‘And the Word became flesh and lived among us…’ John 1:14

The Trade Justice Movement has really taken off. More and more churches and agencies are joining the coalition. But why should Christians be concerned about justice in trade? A straightforward answer is because justice is a core message of our religious tradition – from the prophets all the way up to Jesus. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Asia stated that ‘witnessing to justice is integral to the proclamation of the Gospel to support the churches’ involvement in the struggle against dictatorships and corruption.

But there is another answer, though not just another reason. The Incarnation is a fundamental – foundation – belief of our faith. God became a human being. The divine shared our humanity. We cannot look down upon our bodies and the natural world as if they are corrupt and evil. God sanctified them. If we had the eyes and heart of the Psalmist, the heavens, the stars, the moon will proclaim to us God’s love and mercy. A Philippine farmer joined the campaign to protect the rain forest and his main reason was deeply religious. ‘When I go to the forest and hear the singing of the birds, the rustling of the leaves and rumblings of the streams, I hear God’s voice. If the forest is destroyed, I will no longer hear the singing of the birds, the rustling of the leaves nor the rumblings of the streams. These voices of God will be lost.’ A friend once wrote in his diary, ‘When I read books, my doubts about God’s existence do not vanish. But when I watch the sunset or the sunrise, I cannot help but exclaim, “There must be a God!”’

The trade campaign demands for trade rules that provide to everyone access to life in all its fullness and the protection of the environment. As Christians we ought to be concerned about what is happening to the forests, the waters, the air, the earth – our natural and physical environment. We need to respect and care fore what God has sanctified. We need to oppose trade rules that cripple people’s access to health, food, water, clothing, education, shelter and everything that affects the welfare of our bodies. Jesus’ body and our bodies share the same humanity. We should advocate for rules that protect and promote the sanctity of bodies and the natural world. The Incarnation makes a fundamental demand on our faith that we should oppose forces of death, and instead, support and promote forces of life.

Involvement in the trade justice campaign is not an optional extra. It is fundamental and at the core of our Christian faith.

If you are 20/30ish, you may be interested in attending an Alpha Course which is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a low key, relaxed, friendly and non-threatening way.
The course will run for ten weeks beginning in October.
We will be kicking off with a supper in mid-September; exact dates for this and for the course will be published later. For further information, contact either Gill Hibbert (336544) or Berenice Hogg (336779).

Enthusiastic adults required to help in the running of our thriving local Brownie Pack. No previous experience necessary. Age no barrier but an ability to enjoy games/crafts/outdoor activities in the company of fun-loving 7-10 year olds essential! Must be available Monday evenings between 6 and 8 pm.

While driving home to Christleton from Littleton in March, I had the idea of planting daffodils around the trees on the grass verge to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee and be a lasting reminder of this occasion. I also thought it would be a lovely way to link the two villages in a joint project from which we would all benefit.

I would be very grateful for donations of bulbs and volunteers to help me plant them! I thought the weekend of 28th-29th September would be a good time to plant. Littleton and Christleton Parish Councils support the idea and have kindly agreed to allow this activity to be covered by their Public Liaibility Insurance. I will provide the County Council with a plan after the planting so they are aware when mowing the grass.

If you are interested in supporting this project, please contact me, Judith Edwards, at 1 The Paddock, Little Heath Road, Christleton, Chester CH3 7AJ or by phone (332387). I look forward to hearing from you.

Christleton & Littleton Conservatives would like to thank all who so generously donated bottles for their stall at the Village Fete.

Mothers Don’t Die They Keep House In The Sky

When we are children, we are happy and gay
And our mother is young and she laughs as we play.
Then we grow up, she teaches us truth
And lays life’s foundation in the days of our youth.
And then it is time for us to leave home
But her teachings go with us wherever we roam.

For all that she taught us and all that we did
When we were so often just a “Bad little kid”.
We will often remember and then realise
That mothers are special and wonderfully wise…

And as she grows older, we look back with love
Knowing that mothers are “Gifts from Above”.
And when she “Goes Home” to receive her reward
She will dwell in God’s Kingdom and “Keep House for the Lord”.

Where she’ll “Light-up” the stars that shine through the night
And keep all the moonbeams “Sparkling and Bright”.
And then with the dawn she’ll put the darkness away
As she “Scours” the sun to new brilliance each day…

So dry tears of sorrow for mothers don’t die
They just move in with God and “Keep House in the Sky”.
And there in God’s kingdom, mothers watch from above
To welcome their children with undying Love.

Taken from A Book of Laughs compiled by Graham Morgan

The Sunday School teacher smiled at her class and asked, ‘All those who want to go to Heaven raise your hands.’
Everybody in the class raised their hands except one boy.
‘Don’t you want to go to Heaven?’ asked the teacher.
‘I can’t,’ came the reply. ‘My mother told me to go straight home.’

The minister stood before the congregation and said, ‘I have bad news, I have good news, and I have more bad news.’ The congregation went quiet.
‘The bad news is: the church needs a new roof,’ the minister said.
The congregation moaned.
‘The good news is: we have enough money for the new roof.’
A sigh of relief was heard.
‘The bad news is: it’s still in your pockets.’

‘So far today, God, I’ve done all right. I haven’t gossiped, I haven’t lost my temper. Haven’t been grumpy, nasty or selfish. I’m really glad of that. But in a few minutes I’m going to get out bed, and from then on, I’m going to need a lot of help.’

Magazine Contributions
Please ensure all items for inclusion in the September edition are sent to the Editor, David Bull, The Old Rectory, Plough Lane as soon as possible BEFORE Friday 9th August.

Magazine Distributors
The September magazine will be available for collection from Church on Sunday 25th August.

Christleton Parish Hall
Saturday 14th September
10.00 am – 12 noon

There will be refreshments available and a raffle. Admission will be 50p with accompanied children free. Proceeds will be added to those of the Christmas Fair which are donated to local, national and international charities.

We would be grateful for:
Volunteers to help
Good quality clothing
Raffle prizes
Books and tapes (NO electrical goods please)

Goods can be left at the Parish Hall on Friday 13th September.

Clothing: Cynthia Siddall (335486)
Bric-a-brac: Moira Jones (336204)
Other: Janet Brown (335785)
Betty Dunning (335652)
John Pearson (335101)

Wanted – September 7th
The Pastoral Committee is organising a fun day for the Parish on September 7th to precede the Rededication Service to be held the following day. The Beeston Outdoor Centre is the venue and has been booked from 3.00 pm to 9.00 pm. The setting is magnificent, with lovely views of the castle and glorious Cheshire countryside. There is plenty of space for outdoor games or enjoying the sunshine. If it should be wet there is accommodation indoors. It is hoped to organise long and short walks, outdoor games for the young, seats in the sun for those who wish to sit and talk and a camp fire and barbecue. Come for as long as you wish.
How successful it is depends on you! Volunteers to help and make it a Parish event to remember must be found.

Barbecues and cooks
Games organiser and helpers
Walks leader, long and short
Transport organiser
Car park attendants
Assistance with food preparation
Please contact David Bowden (335705), John Pearson (335101) or any member of the Pastoral Committee as soon as possible.

I am sure that as many of you read this you will either have been away on holiday or are preparing for your own travels. I have been fortunate this June to have been to Barcelona. I went with a work colleague, my first holiday without any of the family for about 20 years!
I had never been to Barcelona before, but I can certainly recommend it as a city of great artistic and architectural beauty. I am by no means qualified in either category, but do possess the ability to be impressed by the genius of those whose gifts we are fortunate to see live on for future generations to enjoy.
Gaudi, was a great designer, whose imagination can only be described as eccentric and way ahead of his time in modern interpretation.
The “Santa Grada Familia” is a most exceptional “cathedral”, which Gaudi designed and commenced building in the 1880s. It is still not yet finished. which sounds incredible, but if you have ever seen the building you would understand why! It is a magnificent piece of art, unlike anything I have ever seen before. Gaudi was killed in a car accident in 1926 and there has been much debate since then, about the “cathedral’s” completion. It is anticipated that it will take another 60 years to finish if they continue working at the present pace! (And if the money does not run out!)
On each façade you can see sculptures depicting scenes from the Bible. These are truly awesome and humbling, as the detail is so fine on the stone carvings. The roof looks as if it is the icing on top of a cake, which is dripping down the sides. The gargoyles are not like any I have seen before.
Inside, the columns stand tall and regal, looking as if they are wearing “pineapples” as head decorations! A new central column is being constructed to stand head and shoulders above all the existing internal structures. There is a display in the museum of the various stones used in the carvings/columns/walls, which vary in colour and texture, adding to the beauty of this great monument to Gaudi.
Do go and see it if you ever get the chance to visit Barcelona!
Equally, there are other church buildings of great beauty within that city. One is the Santa Maria Del Mar, a beautiful Gothic Church, where my friend and I had the pleasure of witnessing a Christening. The design of this Church is much simpler than Santa Grada, but beautiful in its own right, so exquisitely lit, highlighting the exceptional stained glass windows.
Another is Barcelona Cathedral. This has the most elaborate, precious carvings and paintings that I have ever seen on display in each of the individual chapels within one Cathedral. There were so many that I could not begin to describe them all, but 2 of my favourites were the sculpture of Christ on the Cross, because the expression on Christ’s face was captured so perfectly. The sculpture’s simplicity was so very striking and moving, that I could hardly bare to move away. The other work of art that I loved was a series of paintings from the 1600s, some slightly faded, but still as alive today in their expression, as they were when they were painted. The colours were dark with only shades of cream, red and burgundy breaking up the sombre scenes. My friend and I sat quietly in the side chapel for several minutes, soaking up the beauty, peace and serenity of this holy place.
I have been truly fortunate to enjoy my holiday.
I wish all the Christleton Parish Magazine readers an enjoyable summer, with their own special memories to treasure.
Pat Nilssen
Leprosy Mission
Stamp out leprosy!
Please donate your used stamps so that money can be raised for Leprosy Mission. Stamps should be trimmed to quarter inch border around the stamp, and can be left at the back of Church.

If you know of any special birthdays, anniversaries or anyone celebrating a special occasion, who is a Parish Magazine reader, please inform the editor, David Bull.

“Loop” system, for the hearing impaired
Large print books for the visually impaired & large print weekly notice sheets
Easy to follow Communion Service Books for children
Access for wheelchairs
Please ask any of the Churchwardens or Sidesmen if you need assistance in any way.

Informal coffee mornings are held locally offering support to mums-to-be and families with young children (whether members or not) in a friendly, informal way. Please contact your local organiser Debbie Tel. 332103 for further details.

Christleton Local History Group
Books for Sale
Christleton 2000 years of History.
136 pages of text, fully illustrated with b&w photographs, maps & drawings,
and including 8 pages of colour photographs. Laminated cover with water-colour
painting of the Church & Pump House by Phil Hodges.
£12.50 & (£2.75 postage & packing.) Free delivery locally.
Christleton Village Trail
A self guided tour of the Village in aid of the "Well for Africa" Appeal.
£2.50. (+30p postage& packing))
From David Cummings, 25 Croft Close, Rowton, Chester CH3 7QQ
or from Christleton Post Office.

Registered charity 1022817
Christleton Under-Fives is an established pre-school playgroup attracting children from a wide area. It enjoys good and well-founded links with Christleton Primary School.
Children from the age of 2_ years until school entry age are accepted.
Please contact the Supervisor, Carole Penney, on 336586 for further details.

Mobile Library Van Service
The van calls fortnightly: for details of when the van is next in your area, please telephone Upton Library on 380053.

Please remember to support our magazine advertisers and mention where you have read their name.