An ongoing project to list and illustrate printed maps published between 1577 and 1870 that show the village of Christleton
by Richard Nicholson

Illustrations will be added as maps become available

In Date Order

Publication Date Map Title Cartographer Atlas Illustration
1577 Cestriae Comitatus.... Christopher Saxton Atlas of the Counties of England and Wales, by Christopher Saxton. 1579. Folio
1603 Cestriae Comitatus Palatinus (praeter Civitatem Cestriae) continet in se oppida mercatoria XII. ecclesiasque parochiales LXXXVI. Anonymous Mapmaker now known as William Smith A series of 12 maps which up until recent years were of unknown origin but now acknowledged to be by William Smith. Reprinted in 1662, about 1680 and about 1713. The illustration is of the circa 1713 edition. Yes
1607 Cestriae Comitatus William Hole after C. Saxton Britannia. London. Folio
1610 The Countye Palatine of Chester with that most ancient Citie described.. John Speed The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine... London. Folio
1626 Chesshire John Bill The Abridgment of Camden's Britania. Oblong 8vo
1645 Cestria Comitatus Palatinus. John Blaeu Theatrum Orbis terrarum. Folio
1673 The County Palatine of Chester Richard Blome Britannia: or a Geographical Description of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland... Printed by Thomas Roycroft, London. Folio Yes
1695 The Countye Palatine of Chester By Robt. Morden Robert Morden Camden's Britannia. Folio

First edition 1695. Other in editions in 1722, 1753 and 1772.

1751 An Accurate Map of the County Palatine of Chester, Divided into its Hundreds..... Emanuel Bowen The Large English Atlas. London. Folio. Yes
1764 A New Map of Cheshire Drawn from the best Authorities Thomas Kitchin England Illustrated
1772 A Plan of the Navigable Canal now making from the City of Chester to Middlewich and of the Branch from A to Nantwich. Anonymous The Gentlemen's Magazine, June 1772.
1794 Cheshire John Stockdale Description of the Country from Thirty to Forty Miles Round John Aikin, MD
1804 A New Map of the County Palatine of Chester Divided into Hundreds Charles Smith Smith's New English Atlas. Folio Yes
1808 Cheshire Benjamin Pitts Capper A Topographical Dictionary of the United Kingdom published by Sir Richard Phillips. 8vo
1818 Langley's New Map of Cheshire Edward Langley Langley's New County Atlas of England and Wales
1822 Cheshire Charles Smith Smith's New Engish Atlas. Quarto. Yes
1833 Cheshire S. Hall A New British Atlas. Published by Chapman and Hall, 186 Strand, London. 8vo Yes
1835 Cheshire Pigot and Son A Pocket Topography and Gazetteer of England.Published by Pigot & Co. London. 8vo Yes
1843 Cheshire J. Archer Curiosities of Great Britain. England & Wales Delineated. 8vo Yes
1850 Cheshire J. and C. Walker Hobson's Fox Hunting Atlas. Folio Yes
1852 Cheshire R. Rowe The British Gazetteer by B. Clarke. Published by H. G. Collins, 22 Paternoster Row, London. Folio Yes
1868 Cheshire W. Hughes The National Gazetteer: A Topographical Dictionary of the British Islands. Large 8vo Yes
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