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The Pageant will take centre stage at Christleton Village Fete this year. It will start at the High School Car Park and proceed to the Village Green into Pepper Street and to the Law College. The Pageant will appear in the following pattern to portray the life and history of Christleton from early times to the present day
City of Chester Band
1 AD43 A Roman Legion marches through Christleton to build practice forts in fields at Littleton
2 600 The coming of the Christians.
3 1086 The Norman Earls, Robert son of Hugh Lupus holds Christleton.
The Abbot and Monks of the Abbey obtain water from the well at Christleton
4 1200 Village develops as a farming community
5 1358 The Black Prince and his entourage comes to the village on route to Chester
6 1605 The Plague. Many families in Christleton die.
7 1642 Civil War. Charles I comes through the village en route to Chester having raised his standard at Nottingham
8 1645 January. Sir William Brereton and his Parliamentarian Army take over the village.
1645 February. Prince Rupert and Maurice come to burn the village to the ground.
1645 September. The Battle of Rowton Moor
9 1680 Ceilia Fiennes the Lady on the white horse from Banbury Cross visits Christleton. Meets Bishop Pearson of Chester en route to the City.
10 The establishment of the Mill and the tradition of breadmaking in the village. Sneyd Family. Butlers. Morgans. Thomas Johnson.
11 1710 Robert Townsend Recorder of Chester lives at the Old Hall.
Gerard makes a pond for fish at Little Heath.
Robert Townsend is made Recorder of Chester
His son in law Thomas Ince builds Christleton Hall
12 1743 Christleton Youths Bell Ringers formed at St. James Church.
13 1772 The Chester Canal comes to Christleton.
14 1779 John Sellers builds his charity school in the churchyard with the help of the Duke of Westminster. Ralph Hignett of Rowton and others.
15 Thomas Dixon (1) Captain in the Navy, later Timber Merchant comes to Littleton
Thomas Dixon (2) Merchant and Banker founds a bank in Chester, Mayor of Chester.
Dixon Family giver the Alms Houses for the use of the poor in the Parish and were great benefactors to the parish.
16 Village Fairs held to celebrate Midsummer.
17 John Wesley comes through Christleton on his way to Chester.
Later the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is built at Little Heath in 1888
18 1868 Canon Garnett comes to Christleton
19 1872 Village Fetes / Christleton Show begins. The retiring Rose Queen and Retinue from 1999 represent the past. Former Rose Queens from 1990 walk in procession.
The Football and Cricket Clubs are formed
Baden Powell comes to stay in the village. (Scouts, Cubs, Guides and Brownies)
Lucy Anne Ince who lives at Christleton Hall is the Lady of the Village
Founding of the Men's Institute, Later The Woman's Institute.
20 1880 William Huggins famous animal painter comes to Christleton and paints from Life. Menagerie at Rock House
21 1870's People representing the trades of the village.
Thatcher, Blacksmiths, Builders, Railwaymen, Toll Gate Keepers, The Butcher, Cobblers, Dressmakers
22 1896 The founding of the Parish Councils
23 Remembrance. The men and women who fought and worked in the First and Second World Wars. (Represented by the British Legion)
24 1928 The founding of Christleton Players.
Mummers Play
25 1958 The founding of Christleton Secondary School
26 1960's Mini Owners Club
27 1974 Conservationists and Village Pit Group
28 The Village Today. Rose Queen and Retinue fro the year 2000
29 Representing the Third World Projects we hope to support in Africa, Ghana and Ladakh.
30 The Time Capsule
31 Classic Cars
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