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Christleton Village Show 2015 Medal and Cup Winners

2015 Christleton Village Show Results

Best Exhibitor
Best Exhibit
Rose Bowl
Baking Award
Fruit and Vegetables
Best Plant
Floral Art
Art Local Scene
Children’s Overall
Most Successful Flowers
Craft Award
Best 3 Exhibits
Best Photo in Show
Best Exhibit by a child
Best Hanging Basket
Best Group H. Baskets
Best Commercial H.B.
Theme Shield
Millennium Trophy
Best Newcomer
Jubilee Award
Jim Siddall Award
Junior Vegetable Grower
Best Group Growers
Elizabeth Inall
Judith Butt
Edward Elliott
Margaret Croston
Elizabeth Inall
Janet Milton
David Prince
Geoff Lowe
Lesley Morgan
Not Awarded
Neamh Mills
Edward Elliott
Wendy Lewis
June Brocklesby
Malcolm Pratt
Ted Bolton
1. Bob Wilcox 2. Geoff Lowe 3. Mr and Mrs D Williams
1. Geoff Lowe 2. Bob Wilcox 3. David Williams
1. Christleton Parish Council 2. Ring O Bells. 3. Christleton Institute
Jayne Jenkins
June Pearson
Jean Nield
The Sewing Club Christleton Primary School
Kathryn Hall
Neamh MIlls
Not Awarded

Young People Awards - Medalists
Toby Hulse, Rosie Neame, Joseph, Lea Done, Oliva Wrigley, Elinor Vidamour, Bethany Mitchell,
Poppy Clarke, Carter Graham, Ted Bolton, Molly Roberts, Madeline Wrigley, Giovanni Muraton
Isabel Gelder, Neamh Mills, Luke Sturgess, Daniel Brown, Sarah Efobie

Photographs: Copyright of David Cummings and Richard Nicholson

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Christleton Village Show 2015

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