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Map of Christleton in 1066

Christleton is a village situated just over 2 miles south of Chester. Leave the A41 under the flyover to travel along Pepper Street passing over the Shropshire Union Canal and then the Law College on your left before arriving at the village green. Here you will find St. James’ Parish Church and the Parish Hall. Going straight ahead will take you down Birch Heath Lane but turning left along Brown Heath Road will take you past the Methodist Church to the village pond know locally as The Pit. Home sometimes in the first part of the year to a pair of nesting swans and the cygnets.

Had you turned right at the village green you would have travelled along Village Road past the village shop, once the Post Office and opposite is the Ring O' Bells public house. Continuing on the Old Farm appears on the right, the oldest house in Christleton and the Village Institute on the left hand side. Further on you will come to Christleton High School and to the right in Quarry Lane Christleton Primary School. Carrying down Rowton Bridge Road you will come to a hump back bridge with traffic lights taking you over the canal. Then back to the A41. Turn left for Whitchurch and the south or right for the City of Chester

Very difficult weather for the past few weeks for the gardeners putting entries into Christleton Village Show on Saturday 14th July

The many weeks without any rainfall did not stop a large number of excellent entries. The Village Show was opened by Mr. Alf Croston. You can get a a taster from a collection of photographs taken by David Cummings which show some of the entries from different classes and a number of the trophy winners. A full list of the winners is also available.

He removed four knaves from his packs of cards to make them unusable, and destroyed his backgammon set, its dice and its thirty men into a burning oven which was then heating to bake pie

Yes I though that might get your attention. This is a story that started right at the start of the 17th century and which continues to our present day in Plough Lane. For the full story you will need to go to the June 2018 edition of The History File written by David Cummings.

Commemorative Plaque and Planter to honour Margaret Croston B.E.M.

On Sunday 15th April 2018, members of the Parish Council, the Croston Family, friends from the congregation of St James’ and villagers, met at the Village Green for the unveiling of a Commemorative Plaque and Planter to honour Margaret Croston BEM. The red sandstone planter, filled with bright yellow flowers by Cllr. Janet Brown has been erected on the Village Green by The Christleton Parish Council to pay tribute for the long and active service Margaret had given to the Parish and Community. Margaret who died in October 2016 was known to everyone for her love of the village, and giving so much of her time to so many of its organisations and societies. The Chairman of the Parish Council Cllr. Pauline Pratt gave a short address, and then unveiled the plaque to great applause. Alf Croston responded with a few words on behalf of the family, after their two great grandchildren had each placed a red rose at the side of the plaque. A reception was held at The Ring O Bells after the ceremony.

David Cummings

We remember Mary Jackson - Land Army Girl

Mary was born on 17th December 1919, and lived with her family on a farm at Bradley near Whitchurch. The farm had two working shire horses which Mary adored. She attended Tushingham School, a 4 mile walk away over the fields wearing wellington boots. Mary had a wonderful happy childhood, and just loved everything about the countryside. In 1928 the family moved to a farm near Crewe, but met hard times during the depression, and the family lost their living and their farm. Mary then attended Bedford Street School in Crewe and after leaving school worked as a cashier in the local cinema. When war was declared she was just 21years old, and volunteered to join the Land Army with her younger sister Lucy. Mary however was disappointed to be posted to a Market Garden in Timperley rather than a farm, but here with great joy she met her future husband Louis Jackson. Mary was very proud of her contribution to the war effort as a Land Army Girl, and was delighted when she and Lucy were presented with their medals in belated recognition of their service to the country, at Chester Cathedral in 2008.

Spring is here and Nature is in top gear

The warm weather brought the first sightings of butterflies, with many peacocks and small tortoishell joining the bright yellow brimstones of late March. Orange tips were seen at the end of April, usually alighting on dandelions or lady smock (sometimes called the May flower). Marsh marigolds were in profusion on the reserve at Hockenhull by the middle of the month clearly benefiting from the cutting down of many small willows, and a substantial area of reed bed on the southerly wet meadow. In fact both the meadows are as wet as I’ve ever known them with at least six inches of water covering large sections. I’ve recorded 200mm of rain (almost 8”) in my rain gauge during March & April which is a very high reading, and is the main reason that The Pit is at its highest level for many years, with the overflow in operation for much of the last two months.

The Crossing Place by Karen Ankers - A Local Novel


The Crossing Place

Karen Ankers

The Crossing Place, was published in early 2018 by Stepping Stones Publishing and the Kindle edition and printed edition are now available to order here.  A dark-edged love story, it is set in Chester and the main character's home is in Christleton, where the author grew up.

The Crossing Place is a dark-edged love story. Laura is frustrated with her mundane life, her boring job, and marriage to a man she no longer loves. But she does not expect things to change so dramatically and so suddenly. An accidental encounter with a homeless stranger leaves her shaken and confused, before a series of unsettling dreams disturbs her further and leaves her questioning her own sanity. When Laura meets Paul Jayston, a handsome, charismatic past-life counsellor, she is very sceptical about his beliefs. When he suggests that her dreams might be memories of a past life, she insists there must be a rational explanation. One particularly difficult dream has her turning to Paul for help and advice, but when she is confronted by revelations about his past, Laura has to make a choice. Should she allow herself to be guided by the alternative world-view of a man with strange ideas and a questionable past, or should she try and deal alone with the unsettling things she keeps seeing? When danger comes from an unexpected source, both Laura and Paul find themselves having to confront not only very real threats in the present, but also doubts and fears from the past.

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St. James' Church - Christleton

  •  St.James' Church from the South

    St.James' Church from the South

  •  Nave Butterfield designed at St. James' Christleton

    Nave Butterfield designed at St. James' Christleton

  •  Christ in Majesty Window at St. James' Christleton

    Christ in Majesty Window at St. James' Christleton

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    Interviewing the Fisher Family

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