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Some useful information about Christleton

The Christleton Web Site was founded in 2000 and now contains a lot of information about the village as well as photographs of many events over the intervening years. It is your best source for local news and events. It is constantly being updated so please return regularly. You never know what you might see here next.

The site takes a lot of work to keep it regularly updated. Plus it needs funds to pay for the hosting of the site and the purchase of new software so as to provide an exciting visual experience.

Try these links for just a small taste of what you will find on the Christleton Website

Wildlife Watch


If you are a fan of nature you will love this illustrated monthly series of articles by David Cummings

The History File

David Cummings

Our local historian writes specially for the Christleton Website each month with a series of articles covering many aspects of local history.

Christleton 3

Lots to look at

A special section of interesting Christleton material started in 2016 where I also like to try out new ideas of web design

Christleton in the Past


A new series of monthly illustrated articles started in 2021. It does just as the tile suggests.

Christleton Village Voices

David Cummings

To accompany the book Christleton Great War Stories published in 2015. An in depth look at Christlketon during World War I

Views of Chester

Richard Nicholson

How I wish I had photos of all the old prints I have sold of Chester in the past 50 years. Now making a start to show some of them on this website

Some useful information about Christleton

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