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The Village of Christleton near Chester

Christleton Great War Stories Publshed 2015

Marks the centenary of the First World War and its impact on the lives of people from Christleton Parish

Christleton Great War Stories Book Christleton Great War Stories Back Cover

Christleton Local History Group and partners from Christleton High School and the local Community has received a grant for £9,900 in 2015 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for a community education project to explore the history and experiences of the men and women who died, and those who survived the First World War, from Christleton and the neighbouring townships of Littleton, Rowton, Cotton Abbotts and Cotton Edmunds



Photograph: High School Student Laurence Hirst

This section of the Christleton website will I hope help you to understand the amount of work by Christleton History Group in producing and publishing "CHRISTLETON GREAT WAR STORIES" with financial help from the Heritage Lottery Fund. A truly amazing achievement that will be appreciated by historians who wish to study Christleton and WWI for many years to come

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The Village of Christleton near Chester