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The Village of Christleton just 2 miles from Chester

The website for the Village of Christleton was created by me, Richard Nicholson in 2000 so it is now well over 20 years old. The internet has changed a lot during this time and the amount of information I am able to display has grown a great deal

To ease building the website I have found it best to start a new section every few years and then link these to create what I hope appears as a seamless site.

You are now in the initial section or Christleton 1 but there are other sections you should explore. A very special section concerning World War I, Christleton 3 which covers the years from 2016 to 2020 and lastly Christleton 4 which starts in 2021.

All these sections can be reached by using the pull down navigation under Links that appears on the far right hand side of the top menu.

The Village of Christleton just 2 miles from Chester

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