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Theme: Inspiration and Legacy

The 2013 Christleton Village Show held on Saturday 13th July was opened by
Mr. Charles Smeatham

Best Exhibitor - Edward Elliott
Best Exhibit - Angela Haswell
Rose Bowl - Dorothy Checkley
Wine/Drink - Diane Greenwood
Produce Award - Emma De Winter
Baking Award- Judith White
Fruit & Vegetables - Jim Ferns
Best Plant - Peter Thompson
Floral Art - Jayne Jenkins
Children’s Overall - Luke Sturgess
Most Successful Flowers - Judith Edwards
Craft Award - Judith Ferns

Best 3 Exhibits - Ve Warriner
Best Photograph- Roger Croston
Best Exhibit by a child - Sophie Wade
Best Hanging Basket - Edward Elliott
Best Group Baskets - Edward Elliott
Best Premises - Christleton Institute
Theme Shield- Angela Haswell
Millennium Trophy - Karen Warrington
Best Newcomer- Kathryn Hall
Jubilee Award - Sarah Donald
Jim Siddall Award - Simon Gelder
Junior Veg/Fruit Grower - Kai Courtney Davies

Photographs: Copyright of David Cummings

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