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May- 2023


This weekend May 6th - 8th Christleton, together with the rest of the Country, has celebrated the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla at Westminster Abbey and followed it up with celebratory concerts and events. Whilst looking through our village archives I came across a copy of the Village Programme of Events held in 1953, which makes fascinating reading, especially in comparison with the activities in the Parish and Chester in 2023. Although there are few photographs available in the parish of the events of 1953, it was, clearly from the content of the programme, a very well organised occasion. I reprint it now as a treasured historical document. I will also include as illustrations, photographs I have taken this last weekend, especially the Coronation Luncheon in the Parish Hall, which was very popular and extremely well attended. This had the “Parish Together” feeling which always seems to be present on such occasions.

Parish of Christleton

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Programme of Events

Tuesday 2nd June 1953
At the Grange- Christleton

(By kind permission of Captain & Mrs Mangall)

Sunday, May 31st 1953. 2.30pm
United Service & Pageant. This open air service, especially suitable for younger people, will be held on the Green of St James’ Church, Christleton.

Monday, 1st June 1953
Roman Catholics meet for a Solemn High Mass
8.00pm At the Salvatorian College Christleton.

Coronation Day Tuesday 2nd June, 1953
8.00am Peal of Bells at St James’ Church

10.30am. Approximately. Television Show in the Women’s Institute for people over 65yrs. (Admission by Ticket)

2-00pm Peal of Bells at St James’ Church

2-15pm Muster of Village Interests. Scouts, Girls’ Friendly Society etc) and children at Phoenix Park (Village Green) Procession proceeding to The Grange

2-30pm Arrival of Procession at the Grange and commencement of Divine Service.

2.55pm Reading of Loyal address sent to Her Majesty followed by Chairman’s Address.

3.05pm Presentation by the Chairman to the Rector, the Rev. A A Guest Williams, of the Official Coronation Record of the Beating and Perambulation of the Bounds.

3.10pm Donation of Souvenir Beakers and Sweets to the Children.

3.20pm Children’s Sports and Opening of Sideshows.

4.45pm Distribution of free packed teas, Ice Cream and Lemonade to Children.

5.00pm Adult Sports

7.00pm Donation of Prizes for Sports and Competitors

7.25pm Open Air Dancing at The Grange.

7.30pm Distribution of Buns and Milk to Children.

8.30pm Open Air Dancing at Phoenix Park to the music of Peggy Dawson and her Boys.

9.15pm Torchlight Procession from the Men’s Institute to Windmill Hill.

9.30pm Bonfire & Firework Display on Windmill Hill followed by discharge of National Scout Chain Rocket at 10.00pm

10.00pm Continuing of Open Air Dancing at Phoenix Park to the music of Peggy Dawson and her Boys.

12.00 Midnight. THE QUEEN

Saturday, June 20th 1953
6.30pm Coronation Film Show at the Women’s Institute for people over 65yrs of age. Refreshments will be provided. (Admission by ticket)

Running Buffet- Help yourself- From 4-30pm Tickets to enable you to obtain refreshments at the reduced charge of 1 shilling may be obtained from the Area Collector. (A charge of 2/6 will be made if the appropriate ticket is not submitted to the Caterer. Licenced Bar open from 3.00pm Ice Cream & minerals available for 3.15pm Free pony rides for Children throughout the afternoon. Late Transport will be provided to Littleton, Cotton Edmunds, Cotton Abbots, Plough Lane and Rowton. Departing from Phoenix Park at Midnight.

Children’s Sports
Age 5 to 16yrs inclusive. List includes, races including handicaps. 100yards Boys, 100 Yards Girls, 80yards Boys, 80 Yards Girls, 75Yards Boys, 75Yards Girls, 40 Yards Boys & Girls, 2 Three legged race, 2 Sack Races, 2 Potato Race, and a Boot Race.

Adults Sports (Age range over 16 and under 100 years of age)
Egg & spoon Race, Sack Race, Tug o War (Teams of Six) Gents Heats. Ladies Blindfold Race. Tug o War (Teams of Six) Ladies Heats. 80yards Parents Race (Handicap- Ladies & Gents). Bellman Race. Ladies Potato Race, Thread the Needle Race, Three Legged Race One Lady & One Gent, Tug o War Final Gents. Tug o War Final Ladies.

Prizes of Souvenir Crown Pieces & Coronation Medallions will be awarded to competitors coming, first, second or third in all events with the exception of Tug o War Teams. For the Tug of War a crate of beer will be awarded to the Gentlemen’s Team, whilst a Crate of Cider will be awarded to the winning Ladies Team.

Admission to all Sporting Events will be subject to the production at the appropriate starting points of the official Invitation Cards issued with this programme. The Judges reserve the right to cancel any event should there be insufficient entries, and to provide additional events at their own discretion. In the case of dispute the ruling of the Judges will be final in all cases. The Judges reserve the right to disqualify any competitor who is unable to satisfy them as to his/her age. The use of spiked running shoes will not be allowed.

The Coronation Souvenir Beakers and Sweets can only be issued on the production of an Official Invitation Card which may be obtained form your area collector for all children resident at your address.

House Decorating Competition. Prizes will be awarded to the occupants of a) the best decorated house in the Parish, and b) the best decorated group of houses in the Parish. The result of the competition will be announced at 7.00pm on Coronation Day.

Scrapbook Competition
Entries are invited from Children of School age for this competition in respect of which prizes will be awarded to those children who, in the opinion of the Judges, compile the most meritorious scrapbooks. Entries should be submitted through the Head Teachers of Christleton C of E Schools, waverton C E Schools, Cherry Grove Schools, or direct to the Secretary of the Coronation Committee. Closing date for Entries 16th June 1953.

Coronation Babies
A memento of the Coronation will be given to each baby born on Coronation Day. Notifications to the Secretary.

Voluntary Subscriptions
Parishioners are remined that in accordance with the express wish of Her Majesty, local Coronation Celebrations are financed, as far as possible, by way of making Voluntary Subscriptions. If you have not yet had the opportunity of making a donation, or should you wish to increase the amount of your donation contributions should be forwarded to one of the area collectors or direct to the Treasurer, Mr W H Weeks, 2 Bridge Drive Christleton.

Whist Drive
Free tickets (supply limited) may be obtained from Miss L Millwood, The Village Christleton, or any members of the Christleton Whist Party Committee.

Christleton Coronation Festival Committee
Chairman; Arnold Brown Esq. MB, Ch.B., D.P.H Vice Chairman; Jack Kirk Esq. Secretary; The Rev G Alexander MacQuiban. Assistant Secretary; Miss F Nutt Organising Secretary; Dennis Roberts Esq. Treasurer; William Weeks, Esq. Assistant Treasurer; Mrs W Weeks, Publicity Agent; Frank Poston Esq. Chairman of Sports & Grounds Committee; F Clabrough, Esq. Chairman of Dance Committee; K West Esq.

Area Collectors:
Reproduced from the Official Programme produced by the Christleton Coronation Festival Committee Mrs W Partington, Miss F Nutt, Mrs W Weeks, Miss Stettell, Messrs, Arnold Brown, Frank Postons, Dennis Roberts, William Partington, Jack Wooley, Richard A Morgan, Wilfred Mitchell, Jack Brierley, Keith West and William H Weeks.

Committee Members:
Mrs Yeats, Mrs McLellan, Miss Smith, Miss D Strettell, Miss J E Day, The Rev A A Guest Williams, The Very Rev. Kevin Kenny, The Rev. Clement Mercer, Messrs W Griffiths, J Fleet, W J Mayers, A Testi, W Maxwell-Davies, J D Salmon, R M Peacock, J Walsh, W Astle, A Carman, R Bentley, T Solloway.

Vice Presidents:
Dr A Brown, Rev, A A Guest Williams, Dr Tisdell, Messrs, A Testi, A Jenkins, C Campbell, G Jones, H G Keith Hill, J J Kennedy, RM Peacock, CT Pollard, S Greenway, T Peacock, JR Williams, R Foster, G Heywood, S Parsonage, JH Moore Dutton, W Mitchell, Dimmer, J Brierley, I J Davies, J E Blake, C Cullimore, J Berens, J H Welsby, J Walsh & J Kirk.

Reproduced from the Official Programme produced by the Christleton Coronation Festival Committee

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    Coronation 1902

  • Coronation 1911

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  • Coronation 1953

    Coronation 1953

  • Coronation Invitation

    Coronation Invitation

  • Flowers at St. James' Church, Christleton

    Flowers at St. James' Church, Christleton

  • MC Computing Brian Inall

    MC Computing Brian Inall

  • Jean Williams

    Jean Williams

  • Gill Hibbert

    Gill Hibbert

  • Ready for the National Anthem

    Ready for the National Anthem

  • Liz McClure

    Liz McClure

  • Christine Abrams and  Rector Stefan Collier

    Christine Abrams and Rector Stefan Collier

  • Bob Jones

    Bob Jones

  • Littleton family

    Littleton family

  • David and Anne

    David and Anne

  • Rector of St. James' Christleton with family

    Rector of St. James' Christleton with family

  • Tina and Joe

    Tina and Joe

  • Roger Croston

    Roger Croston


Christleton History File May 2023

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