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Big Fish in Christleton Pit

Although fishing at Christleton Pit is restricted to local youngsters, it has been the centre of attention for anglers from around the region, for many years, because of the presence of ” big fish”. A small minority of these fishermen have also been causing a nuisance, especially at night. There have also been concerns that having such a large number of these “big fish” in a comparatively small area was damaging to both the pond environment and other species. So plans were drawn up by the Parish Council & Pit Group to arrange for their removal to a larger pond. Warrington Anglers were approached and were keen to help. On the first occasion, approximately 200 large fish weighing 15 to 25lbs were removed. These were mainly common, crucian and grass carp, and were spectacular fish to look at. However further breeding success by these large carp in recent years, has resulted in a new request to Warrington Anglers to carry out another netting at the Pit. This major task was carried out in March 2016, and a further 75 “big fish” were successfully removed which are illustrated in this piece.

Photographs © David Cummings

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