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Wildlife Watch in 2020

In 2020 David Cummings produced a series of twelve monthly articles about wildlife in Christleton. There were a number of interesting surprises recorded.

Never mind what the Chinese name each year. David was quick of the mark to name 2020 The Year of the Otter. You can read all about this in the January edition. The Big Garden Bird Watch is always an interesting event each year. I am amazed at how the bird population in my garden at Stoneydale has changed over the forty plus years I have lived there. I took so many kinds of birds for granted and now they never visit. David records his findings in the February edition.

One of the Christleton cygnets was seen in Salford Quays in Manchester in October 2019. Probably not attracted by the TV studios there but David in the March edition lists other sightings of the male cygnet was ringed in August 2012.

Wildlife Watch in 2020

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