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It is Monday April 6th, 2020 and I am thinking about another Garden Ramble. This will be the third year to air my thoughts and lack of knowledge on gardening. It is a somewhat late start in the year as there has already been quite a lot going but it is thanks to David Cummings that I have made a start today. Over the weekend I have been putting his April photos of Christleton, the History File andWildlife Watch on the website. It was his reflections on how how much he is enjoyng his garden in these strange times of isolation due to Coronavirus. And our wish to do all we can to help our wonderful NHS.

Outside of these current unusual times the garden is for those that have one, a wonderful place to escape to. But whilst we are confined to our homes the garden is even more important place to work, grow, exercise and reduce mental stress.

Each year my garden moves on and changes. Thanks to new ideas I even surprise myself by its development. To aid this I would recommend taking lots of photographs of your garden through the seasons. You will be amazed how the garden changes over the years. I have used a DSLR camera and more compact cameras but now I fiind my mobile phone so useful for taking pictures as I always have it on me whilst gardening. So I find myself taking photos on the spot intead of having to go indoors after taking my shoes off and returning with a heavier camera.





A Ramble down the Garden in 2020

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