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Cullimore Collection of Old Photographs
Christleton History Group which was formed in 1976, has over the years acquired many important books, artefacts and photographs relating to the History of Christleton Parish. One of the most important acquisitions of these is a collection of 40+ 4 inch square glass slides, and 50 glass negative plates size 6 x 3 inches all dating from between 1900 and 1927. These were kindly donated to the Group by the late Rae Cullimore, and are a wonderful source of illustrations of village life in a period before most people had cameras. The glass plate negatives were successfully copied and turned into digital images by Mike Read from Rowton, and have been used extensively to illustrate the Christleton Great War Voices book, and The Story of the Women of Christleton during WWI by Judy Smith, both published in 2015.

“Cullimore Collection” of photographs is a treasured resource and we are happy for people to have shared access to them through the Christleton website www.christleton.org.uk. The vast majority of the images show members of the Cullimore Family at various functions at Faulkners Lodge, but also depict other members of the community, including the Porrits of The Grange in Village Road, the Sidebottoms of Littleton Hall, and The Rector of Christleton GMV Hickey’s family, including their daughter Vera, who appears in a large number of them.

The large glass slides, many of which still have to be worked on, show images of The old Hall, Cottages on Whitchurch Road, The Toll House, Christleton Mill, Barges on the canal at Rowton, The Bridges at Hockenhull etc, and several other local scenes which we hope to be able to reproduce in the near future.
Photographs © Christleton History Group
Cullimore Collection of Old Photographs

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