Christleton Month by Month

Photographs Copyright of David Cummings


  •  Canal in Winter

    Canal in Winter

  •  Rowton Bridge

    Rowton Bridge

  •  Canal


  •  Faulkners Lane Bridge

    Faulkners Lane Bridge

  •  Old Boat Building Yard

    Old Boat Building Yard


  •  Poplars at Hockenhull

    Poplars at Hockenhull

  •  Middle Bridge at Hockenhull

    Middle Bridge at Hockenhull

  •  River Gowy

    River Gowy

  •  Christleton Side Bridge

    Christleton Side Bridge

  •  Morris Oak Christleton

    Morris Oak Christleton

  •  St. James' Church Christleton

    St. James' Church Christleton

  •  Parish Hall Christleton

    Parish Hall Christleton

  •  New WWI Memorial Christleton

    New WWI Memorial Christleton

  •  The Pit Christleton

    The Pit Christleton


  •  The Pit

    The Pit

  •  Methodist Church

    Methodist Church

  •  Village Green

    Village Green

  •  The Pump House and Village Green

    The Pump House and Village Green

  •  The Square

    The Square

  •  Dixon's Alms Houses

    Dixon's Alms Houses

  •  Crocus


  •  Parish Hall

    Parish Hall

  •  Preparing the fields for crops

    Preparing the fields for crops


  •  St. James' Church

    St. James' Church

  •  The Square

    The Square

  •  WWI Memorial

    WWI Memorial

  •  The Canal

    The Canal

  •  Memorial Trees

    Memorial Trees

  •  Rowton Canal

    Rowton Canal

  •  Birch Heath Footpath

    Birch Heath Footpath

  •  The Playing Fields

    The Playing Fields

  •  The Chapel

    The Chapel

  •  Canal Boat

    Canal Boat

  •  The Pit

    The Pit

  •  Rowton Bridge

    Rowton Bridge

  •  Quarry Bridge

    Quarry Bridge

  •  Dixons Houses

    Dixons Houses


  •  Birth Heath Common

    Birth Heath Common

  •  The Pit

    The Pit

  •  Christleton Cricket

    Christleton Cricket

  •  The Canal at Rowton

    The Canal at Rowton

  •  Cricket Match

    Cricket Match

  •  Potato Planting

    Potato Planting

  •  Ploughing


  •  From the boundary

    From the boundary

  •  Village Meadow

    Village Meadow

  •  Refelctions in the Pit

    Refelctions in the Pit

  •  Christleton Cricket Field

    Christleton Cricket Field

  •  Potato Field

    Potato Field

  •  Stafmord Lane

    Stafmord Lane

  •  Birch Heath Lane

    Birch Heath Lane

  •  Across the Potato Field

    Across the Potato Field

  •  Planting the Potatoes

    Planting the Potatoes

  •  Hows that!

    Hows that!

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