Mary was born on 17th December 1919, and lived with her family on a farm at Bradley near Whitchurch. The farm had two working shire horses which Mary adored. She attended Tushingham School, a 4 mile walk away over the fields wearing wellington boots. Mary had a wonderful happy childhood, and just loved everything about the countryside. In 1928 the family moved to a farm near Crewe, but met hard times during the depression, and the family lost their living and their farm. Mary then attended Bedford Street School in Crewe and after leaving school worked as a cashier in the local cinema. When war was declared she was just 21years old, and volunteered to join the Land Army with her younger sister Lucy. Mary however was disappointed to be posted to a Market Garden in Timperley rather than a farm, but here with great joy she met her future husband Louis Jackson. Mary was very proud of her contribution to the war effort as a Land Army Girl, and was delighted when she and Lucy were presented with their medals in belated recognition of their service to the country, at Chester Cathedral in 2008.

Mary and Lou were married in 1944 and had four daughters Mary, Wendy, Betty and Linda. She was wonderful mum, loved her girls and their families and was always in contact with them. She was even adept at using modern technology, and would often be seen using a tablet to keep in touch, not bad for a 98 year old great grandma!! She was a very gentle but independent lady, who enjoyed her long and eventful life. She had an incredible memory and was a fount of wonderful stories. She was always close to her sister Lucy, and when Lou died in 1990 she had the opportunity to come and live near her in the Dixon’s Houses. The Jackson and Partington families had spent a great deal of time together as their children grew up, sharing holidays and often visiting Christleton to attend cricket matches with “Uncle Jim”

Mary, despite being the elder, was always known as “Lucy’s sister” but had a great relationship with Jim and Lucy who had run the Butchers Shop at Rock House adjacent to the Village Green. This shop was the hub of village life for over 150 years, and the family are commemorated on the Village Green by the “Partington Oak”.

Mary also became a world traveller late in her life, visiting Sally and her family in New Zealand, but loved her contact with her family wherever they were. During her time in Wythenshaw, Mary had taken an active part in church life, was a member of the Mothers Union, the Townswomen’s Guild as well as training as a Red Cross nurse and working at the local hospital for many years. When she moved to Christleton she continued her worship, at St James, especially enjoying the intimate friendship of Wednesday morning communion, joined the Mother’s Union, the Luncheon club and the Friday Club at Waverton. She and Lucy were inseparable until Lucy had to go into the Nursing home for the last years of her life. Mary however always had good friends around her, Baz, Olive and Lesley in particular. Mary had a delightful gentle personality, always smiling, and happy to talk to anyone. When she passed away a few weeks ago, we all lost not just a wonderful human being, but a link with the past, someone who gave enormous contribution to her country when it was needed, one of the unsung heroes of the past.

  •  Mary Jackson

    Mary Jackson

  •  Land Army Memorial

    Land Army Memorial

  •  Memeorial for the Land Army

    Memeorial for the Land Army

  •  Inscruption on Land Army Memorial

    Inscruption on Land Army Memorial

  •  Lucy and Mary on Jubilee Day

    Lucy and Mary on Jubilee Day

  •  Lucy and Mary Land Army Girls

    Lucy and Mary Land Army Girls

  •  Jim and Lucy Partington

    Jim and Lucy Partington

  •  Partington's Shop Village Road Christleton

    Partington's Shop Village Road Christleton

  •  Jim Partington Butcher in Christleton

    Jim Partington Butcher in Christleton

  •  Jim in action in the butchers shop in Christleton

    Jim in action in the butchers shop in Christleton

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