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Andrew Bruce Hill who lived in Rowton and served in WW1

Andrew Bruce Hill

Andrew Bruce Hill
Ivy Cottage Rowton; His sister Jeannie Hill received his medals.
Royal Warwickshire Regiment / Formerly with 5th Royal Highlanders
1st Battalion
2nd Lieutenant
Death Date:
27th September 1917
Type of Casualty:
Killed in action
Gouzeneaucourt New British Cemetery, Nord, France

Andrew was a Private in the 4/5 R. Highlanders No. 3758, then acting corporal in the 5th R. Highlanders no. 241190, then moved as 2/Lt to the 7th Royal Warwickshire Regt on 25 Sept 1917 and he was killed in action on 27 Sept 1918.  He originally went to France in August 1916.   He must have served in the 2/7th Battalion as the 1/7th was in Italy in 1918 and the 3/7th never left England. The London Gazette 25th October 1917, shows he was gazetted to a Territorial Force battalion of the Royal Warwickshire Regt on 26th September 1917. 
An account of the action of the day;

He is on the CWGC website - as Second Lieutenant A B Hill, 7th Bn Royal Warwickshire Regiment, date of death 27/09/1918.  He is buried in Gouzeaucourt New British Cemetery in France but their Graves Registration Reports show that he was moved to this cemetery from somewhere else.

"... The 15th Infantry Brigade took over the left half of the Divisional front, north of the junction of Snap Trench and Soot Avenue. Brigadier-General Oldman decided to attack with two battalions, the 1st Bedfords on the right and the 1st Cheshires on the left, the latter keeping one Company specially detailed to deal with Beaucamp. The 16th R. Warwicks were in support,  with orders to pass through the 1st Bedfords when the latter had captured Dunraven Trench, while the 1st Norfolks were to be held in Brigade Reserve..."

Report from Cheshire Observer 12th October 1918

Soldier killed from Rowton Andrew Bruce Hill, Ivy Cottage, serving with the Royal Warwickshire Regiment; - two other brothers also serving with the colours. Much sympathy extended to bereaved family. The following letter was received by Miss Hill (his sister) from his officer.

“I cannot tell you how much I regret and sympathise with the loss of your brother, killed in action on 27th September. He was going over in command of his company & was hit by a machine gun bullet and died almost instantly. His loss to the Battalion is a very great one, for he was an excellent officer, extremely cool and brave in action, most capable and thoroughly reliable. He was very popular with the men & officers alike, who feel his loss keenly. During a lull in the battle, I was able to get his body away& and he was buried by the side of 3 officers on mine killed on the same day, and a cross erected over his grave. He is buried outside a little village called………….

Susan Tall and friends Royal Warwickshire Regiment
David and Beryl Cummings
Cheshire Archive & Local Studies Office

Andrew Bruce Hill who lived in Rowton and served in WW1