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Alfred John Wynne from Christleton who served in World War 1

Alfred John Wynne

Alfred John Wynne
Son of John and Elizabeth Wynne, of Plough Lane, Chester
Royal Field Artillery "C" Battery, 265th Brigade
Service Number:
Death Date:
9th June, 1920. Age 23
Medal Card Reference:
WO 372/22/105159. (Rank: Gunner. Service No. 410)
Grave :
Buried at St James Churchyard Christleton

This was also known as the CCLXVII (Cheshire) Brigade RFA or 267th Brigade RFA. It was renamed as CCLXV (Cheshire) Brigade RFA or 265th Brigade RFA on Christmas day 1916. The Division became the 53rd (Welsh) Division in 1915. On the 2nd July 1915 the 53rd Divison was ordered to refit for service in the Mediterranean. Leaving the artillery and train behind, the rest of the Division left between the 14th - 19th July and embarked at Devonport. Sailing via Alexandria (25-30 July), the ships reached Suvla Bay, Gallipoli.

the 22nd December. The final cadres sailed home from Port Said on the 15th June 1919.The Division reformed as part of the Territorial Army in April 1920.

In France - The Divisional Artillery did not leave England when the Division embarked for service in Gallipoli. It remained at Bedford and was there rearmed. It sailed for France from the 20th November 1915 and concentrated near Port Remy by five days later. On the 22nd November 1915 John Charles arrived in France. Entrainment began on the 1st February 1916, embarkation at Marseilles began two days later and by the 22nd February 1916 the Artillery had concentrated at Beni Salama and came once again under command of the 53rd (Welsh) Division.

  • Grave at Christleton Church

    Grave at Christleton Church

In Egypt - The Divisional Artillery re-joined at Warden between the 11th - 22nd February 1916 and was involved in the following battles or engagements: The Battle of Romani  (4th-5th August 1916),The Second Battle of Gaza  (17th-19th April 1917),The Third Battle of Gaza  (27th Oct-7th Nov 1917) including the capture of Beersheba (31st Oct) and the capture of Tell Khuweilfe (3rd-7th Nov), The Capture of Jerusalem  (7th-9th December 1917), The Defence of Jerusalem  (27th-30th December 1917), The Battle of Tell’Asur  (8th-12th March 1918). Between the 4th June and 29th August 1918 the Division, other than the Artillery, was “Indianised”, which meant that Indian units arrived to replace most of the British ones. Many of the latter were ordered to France. The Battle of Nablus (18th-21st September 1918) - part of the Battles of Megiddo. On the 26th September the Division was withdrawn for rest and moved back to Tell’Asur. By the 12th October it had moved to Ramle and on the 27th October began entraining for Alexandria. It was there when the Armistice with Turkey took effect on the 31st October. The first parties to be demobilised left for England on

Alfred John Wynne from Christleton who served in World War 1