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Tom Smith

Commemorated on the Church Memorial Wall and at Christleton Institute,
but not on the War Memorial

There is no information of any kind to give us a clue about Tom or Thomas Smith. Although his name is second on the church memorial indicating that he died in late 1914 or early 1915, there is nothing in writing to tell us any more about him. He is not mentioned by the Rector, has no memorial service, in fact we only have his name to go from.

As there is no regiment, we cannot find the name Tom Smith on any CWGC site, or discover his war service.
However a search of the church registers reveals several Thomas Smiths.

We have Thomas Smith born in Christleton in 1870, who would be 44 in 1914, so active service is just about possible. A John Thomas Smith was born in 1899, but would only be 15 in 1914. A Thomas Charles Smith b1890 would be 24 in 1914.

A Thomas Smith marries Emily May in 1890, and two children were registered in the Baptism Register in 1907- 1909. In each case their father is listed a baker, living at Quarry Cottages in 1907, and at The Square Christleton in 1909. The 1911 Census reveals that a Thomas Smith has a dwelling house in The Square Christleton. His wife is Lizzie Ellen.
I think this is the most likely man, but we have found no evidence at all about him or any war service or death record.

The Parish Magazine in October 1914, lists a S. Smith as signed up for war.

Tom Smith a World War 1 Christleton Hero